Sunday Introduction- Debbie and Rocky Does L.A.

After accidentally deleting the original post (don't ask!) here's the new one!

Sunday introduction- I spoke to Debbie about the work she does with Rocky Does L.A.

1)Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Debbie and I work as a booking agent for a company in the States but most importantly I am a full time Mum to my beautiful little girl who is almost 4 years old.

2)Tell us about Rocky Does LA- what's it all about and how did you get involved?
Rocky Does L.A is a promotional trip to L.A and surrounding areas in California to interview and promote certain talents as well as arrange/attend any events we can and offers businesses the chance to come on board for sponsorship or people to generally get their hands on some cool signed items. We are also looking for a worthy charity to come on board, we want to help promote them as much as possible. 
I got involved through my friendship with Rocky Promotions and it grew from there combining their promotional knowledge with my booking agent experience.

3)How can people get involved with Rocky Does LA?
People can get involved by checking the link or by emailing me direct at

4) Which parts of the project are you enjoying the most and the least?
I'm enjoying the interaction with the talents that we have on board for the trip, some I have never dealt with before so it's nice to be getting to know them a little better. The part I am least enjoying hmm I don't think that exists, it's all character and experience building for me which is always a good thing.

5) Which brand/artist are you most looking forward to working with as part of the project? 
I am most looking forward to working with Kurt Yaeger, I've known him for almost two years now and it's no secret that he is a huge inspiration to me so to have the opportunity to finally meet up with him will be brilliant, I want others to see what I've seen from the start, a very strong, talented and kind man with a huge, huge heart!

Author's note- I knew she'd say Kurt!

6) Once this project is complete, what's next for you & your marketing skills?
After this project I will continue my work as a booking agent and with the material from the trip I will be able to push these great people more here in the UK so I will be working on bringing more great events to this side of the water.

A big thank you to Debbie for agreeing to take part in our first Sunday Introduction!  I've got a few more Introductions planned with 2 lots of people fundraising, and 2 small businesses.  If you'd like your business/fundraising activities/blog to feature in a future Sunday Introduction, please get in touch.


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