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I've been a bit slack since getting the blog off the ground and the initial burst of posts, so I've been considering a few things to give the blog a longer term 'life'.
  • I've just ordered a new layout and header on Etsy.  The current look is just too basic for me, and my IT skills aren't what they used to be, so there's no chance of me doing it on my own!  So hopefully we'll have a new look by this time next week.
  • I've set up a Facebook page ( & Twitter account (@NNConfessions) to hopefully begin to get my profile a bit further beyond my immediate friends.
  • I think my next step needs to be a Bloglovin account- I know quite a few bloggers I read use it, I'm just not 100% sure of the benefits at the moment, so if anyone has any advice, feel free to share!
  • A lot of the blogs I follow have a regular weekly themed post, so I'm thinking of following in their footsteps with a 'Sunday introduction' theme.  I'm aiming to talk to a few friends with their own businesses, blogs and fundraising schemes.  I've got 6 or 7 people in mind so far, so hopefully that'll be enough to get me going short-term.
  • I've got a playdough themed post in the pipeline, I just need to get some ingredients so I can actually make it! 
P.S. Just spellchecked this, and the blogger spellchecker doesn't recognise the word 'blog'! Bizarre!


  1. Hello! Just discovered you via fb and whilst I've taken a summer break from blogging I look forward to coming over here for a read. I joined bloglovin a few months ago and had similar thoughts to you. But it's a really useful tool for keeping up with my blog reading. Whilst it's true folks can add any blog to their bloglovin account, I think it's nice to make things easy for people with having a link on my sidebar. Good luck and welcome to blogging! Sx

  2. Hi Sara, thanks for my first ever blog comment! :D Thanks for the advice- do you use wordpress or blogger to host your blog? I can read other blogs via my blogger dashboard, so I'm just wondering what other benefits there are other than that. It might help if I actually go & look at the Bloglovin site really! :D xx


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