Holiday fun- getting crafty

Crafty activities are always popular during the school holidays, and are always handy for those wet days!  While at Tesco doing the weekly shop, I had a nosey down the craft and stationery aisle (because I'm a stationery nut!) and noticed they've recently rebranded all of their craft range, and introduced some fantastic new kits ready for the summer holidays.  The bonus of all this, is they had a lot of their old branded range reduced.  I resisted a massive splurge, but had to buy the last glue stick- 15p!! (I always need glue sticks at work, but can never find them as my colleagues have a habit of borrowing them and forgetting to put them back in my drawer!)  So definitely worth a look in your local larger Tesco for bargain craft goodies.

The new range currently has a 3 for 2 offer on a range of craft essentials- poster paint, pva glue, paint brushes, rubbers, pencils, felt-pens, mini notebooks...

I love the range of paint colours- there's the bog standard primary colours, plus pearlescent, metallic, and neon.  All for £1 each (although pack sizes vary- basic colours having 300ml & fancier ones being 150ml) plus they're all included in the 3 for 2!
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The new range also has some fab eco craft sets where they can use everyday projects combined with the kit contents to make some gorgeous items.  My favourites are probably the Loo Roll Owl Family kit, and the Milk Bottle Jumbo kit.  There's also a Fabric Conditioner Piggy Bank, Hunk of Junk Pirate Island, Rocket Bottle jet pack & Fancy Fish CD mobile.  All of the kits are £3.50 each, which is very reasonable.  Unfortunately, the Tesco website doesn't seem to have these kits in stock, but they should be available in larger store.

This post is in no way affiliated with Tesco, and has not been paid for.  This is my own opinion and is purely for information.


  1. These look great! Must check them out for my children over the holidays :) x

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    1. It's definitely worth a look, I was so tempted by a lot of it for work, but finances are tight with us being so quiet!


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