Sunday Introduction- Emma and The Osborne Trust

Today's Sunday Introduction comes courtesy of the lovely Emma and The Osborne Trust.  Emma has been incredibly inspirational to a lot of people over the past year, although she will most likely argue against that!

1)Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I'm Emma, 37 and live in North Wales. I'm married and have 2 young sons. I love my handbags, shopping and these days smiling

2)Tell us about The Osborne Trust? What prompted you to start it?
The Osborne Trust is a newly formed charity to offer children whose parents have cancer some time out. This can be a trip to cinema, play centre, nature walk, etc whilst parents are undergoing operations and treatment.
I started the trust after I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year when I was 36 and my boys were 7 and 4. Operations and treatment is not only hard on your body but hard for your family to see you going through, kids need be reminded cancer isn't everywhere and you can still have some fun.

Emma's boys, with the sons of another cancer sufferer.

3)What would you say is the trust's greatest achievement so far?
Greatest achievement so far is the future fundraiser pink tie event in Oct where we hope to raise over 1k so we can support helping local families during their cancer journey.

4) What's next for The Osborne Trust?
The main aim in the first 12 months is fundraising. We are currently running a holiday tombola to win a 3 night stay at a holiday home in Caernarfon North Wales. £2 per entry. We have bag packing and donation bucket days at local football grounds, someone running a half marathon for the trust, the pink tie event, my eldest son whose 8 and his football team walking up Snowdon next year. We need to raise 5k to be able to register as a charity to move forwards. Long term I want the trust to be UK wide helping all families going through cancer where there are children under 16 years.

At the official launch of The Osborne Trust

5) How can people find out more about the trust? 
We are on Facebook- The Osborne Trust

Twitter- Osborne Trust
via our donating page here

6) How can people help The Osborne Trust?
They can share the page amongst their friends on Facebook , Twitter, do a fundraiser, donate via this lovely website
Bald and ill from chemo, but still got a smile on her face.
A big thank you to Emma for taking part, I cannot encourage people enough to go and donate, or at least share the Trust's page with your friends and family.


  1. Lovely post. Sounds like a great idea.
    I live in north wales too :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. Feel free to share her info if you know of anyone who could benefit or could help. :) x


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